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We welcome our new line, Rag & Bone!

Established in 2002, Rag & Bone was born out of a desire to create masterfully constructed clothing. Rooted in British heritage and imbued with a New York edge, the brand is known for innovative yet wearable clothing that redefines effortless, urban style.

Rag & Bone is dedicated to craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless style. Each collection is designed in New York and produced by some of the oldest and most supremely skilled manufacturers around the world. Since the brand's inception, the focus has been, and always remains, on creating the highest quality goods.

A unique design detail's strongly connects the eyewear collections to the brand's central design codes: British Heritage, Americana, Sport and Military. Attention to craftsmanship and iconic details build a unique story for the brand.

Please call our office if you would like to view this new line to schedule an appointment with our office.


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